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NCA Automobile Enthusiasts of SW Florida

“Your narration of the history of the Stallions, the explanation of your family's approach to their development and training along with demonstrations of their (and your) skills made our experience with you very special.”

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Bella Vita

“You have taken our "breath" away
and we loved it! Bella Vita residents are still talking and "bragging" to those that missed this great event. Thank  you for being so accommodating and supportive of our seniors. You have given them another chqpter for their "Book of Memories" and they are treasured to each.”

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Mr & Mrs Shaver Holland, MI

“Besides being affected by their sheer, stirring beauty with their proud, arched necks and beautiful flowing white manes and tails, I was profoundly affected at hearing Gabriella recount how these magnificent animals were almost "obliterated by the Russian army" during World War II.”

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