Wish List

Make a donation in support of our horses a different way, use this Wish List.

Wish List
Food items

Sweet Feed
Sweet beet pulp

Wish List
 Personal care items

Blue or Red Leg Wraps

Wish List

Our fences are getting old and need work.  We need fence supplies, or maybe you could donate some of your time to help repair a section of fence.

Wish List

Watering hoses
hose nozzels
feed tubs
plastic manure forks

Wish List
Some of you have asked if there was another way you could help other than by donating money.
  • Volunteer to help mend or replace fence.

  • Get an extra bale of hay and drop it off.

  • Pick up extra supplies when you shop for your horses, and bring them to us on your way home.  We would love to see you.

  • Thank you for your continued support of our noble stallions and mares.

Call 941-322-1501 or email hlipizzans@aol.com

Myakka Ranch and Farm Supply

You can pick up many of the items on our wish list right here in town and bring them with you to a show or rehearsal.  

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