Dressage and Airs Above the Ground

At once intense and focused on precision, yet aesthetically beautiful, the Herrmanns' Lipizzans present a widely varied program. Classical dressage on long lines (the first step in dressage training after the old European tradition) and an exquisite Pas de Trois (wherein three stallions are presented in a drill of balletic grace and precision) combined with the dramatic and difficult Airs Above the Ground to form the basis of the first half of the Lipizzans' presentation.

Exceptionally difficult maneuvers such as the Courbette, the Capriole, and the Levade, all highly refined leaps performed only by stallions of great strength, intelligence and endurance are included in the celebrated Airs Above the Ground.

The horse rises on his haunches from a standstill position and tucks his fore legs under him as he maintains a 45 degree angle. The Levade is often the pose of classical equestrian sculpture and art.
The horse does several jumps on his hind legs while holding his fore legs off the ground.
The horse leaps from all four feet and, at the peak of elevation, strikes out violently with his hind legs.